About Us

 Lethbridge Websites is an evolution of a company that began its tale in the mountain town of Canmore, Alberta. We found many business owners and private individuals either had terrible websites or had no idea how to start their own. Seeing an opportunity, we started a website-creation service. We began building websites for businesses and people that were fast, easy to use, stylish, and above all elseā€”not expensive.

With over a decade of web development experience, we can make fast websites for people. Websites that are not only good to look at, but also easy to use on mobile devices. Most of the traffic going to websites in 2021 comes from mobile phones. This means making a website mobile-friendly needs to be the first consideration. People need to present themselves as up-to-date on to their internet presence.

The team moved to Lethbridge in early 2021 and felt a name change was in order. So while the name and location are new, the company is not. The team at Lethbridge Websites has embraced the city of Lethbridge and is glad to be a part of this community. We're local. And we're here to serve you.

Our Philosophy

Our core philosophy is to give our clients a modern and professional-looking website. Above all, it needs to be fast. And to do that, we custom write our websites using best practice HTML frameworks.

Anyone can muddle their way through drag-and-drop webpage editors. This will get them some semblance of a webpage, but the result will not be what you were aiming for and also run poorly. That's where we come in. At Lethbridge Websites, we can tailor-make every single element of your website. And we will structure it in such a way that it looks good no matter what screen size you're viewing it on. And it will be snappy, fast and responsive.

This is why we're here. We want to help you get the best results from your internet presence. And that starts with a website. Do you want a single pager to use as a resume? We've got you covered. Do you need to start an online store for your business? Once again, Lethbridge Websites can help you. Or do you need to update that long-forgotten website built 10 years ago? That's why we're here, to help you.

Lethbridge Websites can provide you with helpful advice, even if you're not sure what you actually need. We can talk you through the entire process, from picking a domain name (like yourbusiness.com) to hosting it, to design, structure and content. We can help you with every step of the process, and explain everything in a way that doesn't make you feel like an idiot.

The Team

Fez - Founder of Lethbridge Websites  Fez, Developer

Fez is an Australian immigrant with over 20 years of IT experience. He brings a broad range of technical know-how to the team, with a penchant for thinking outside the box. A patient teacher, he is very good at using analogies to explain things to people. He is always keen to leverage technology to make life easier for himself and others.

Erica - Technical Writer  Artemis, Writer

Artemis is a widely travelled Canadian with a wealth of experience in the engineering and resource sectors. She brings a keen analytical mind, a professional touch and an eye towards usability and best practices to the team at Lethbridge Websites. This is the person you turn to when you need to know how to deploy an Oxford Comma.

Pax - Designer  Pax, Designer

Pax brings over 2 decades of web design experience to the team.  His ability to see what works and what doesn't is critical to the design philosophy of Lethbridge Websites.  If he's not busy telling us what looks cool or not, he's out carving powder on the nearest ski hill.

Oberon - Mascot   Oberon, Mascot

He insisted on being included.  We're working on getting his words-per-minute up on the keyboard, but it's not going well.  We're not entirely sure what language he's typing in, and his syntax is atrocious.  Will work for bacon.