Hi! I am Fez, Lead Developer of Lethbridge Websites. I create websites for Lethbridge businesses and individuals. I have a passion for fast, easy-to-use interfaces with a welcoming style.

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Dahlem Criminal Defence
Bow Valley Physio
Zeroth Industries

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Special Skills

Web Design

At Lethbridge Websites, we use leading-edge web frameworks. We custom-make your website to your exacting specifications. This allows your website to be fast and easy to customize. It will follow web best practices for the greatest compatibility.

Interface Design

The websites designed by Lethbridge Websites are fast and easy to use across any device. Your website created by Lethbridge Websites will look good, regardless of screen size.

Photography and Print

Lethbridge Websites has access to professional-grade photography and high-impact content writing. Lethbridge Websites can use completely original images and content for each client. We will produce the unique look and feel that you want for your website.

Current Website Project

Currently, Lethbridge Websites is working on a legal website designed to educate people on all manner of legal terms and issues in Canada.  We will also  create a companion App for mobile use.